ChoraLine has received an amazing respose to their idea of running a MESSIAH AT HOME concert during this extraordinary time

As a response to ‘make this happen’ there have been lots of people working very long hours – a special thank you to Mark Strachan who has put so much time into this project and is pulling together a team of computer experts, musicians, soloists and conductors.

Mark has formed the ‘Self Isolation Choir‘ which we can all join for the MESSIAH AT HOME concert – this may be the biggest choir ever with singers from choirs joining in all over the world – so far we have choirs and singers wishing to join in from England, Wales, Scotland, USA, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Africa, Norway and New Zealand – it would be amazing to have someone from every country around the world!

It is a major ‘technical challenge’ as to how this is all going to work and has yet to be finalised – but please be assured ChoraLine are determined and plan to send another email next week with further information as to how to join the ‘Self Isolation Choir’ and take part in MESSIAH AT HOME and other events organised for members of the new choir during this time when we are all doing our best to deal with the situation.

How you can help …

As soon as final details are available they will be passed to forward and invite every singer in your choir via email, facebook, whatsapp, twitter etc. so they too can have the opportunity to join us – in fact, please let EVERYONE you knowabout this as they may well love to take part – the Messiah is such a wonderful piece to sing it will truely be beneficial and uplifting to everyone regardless of how experienced they are as a choral singer – if you know any music teachers please also let them know as it would be great to get lots of young people involved as well.

In the meantime please forward this email to anyone you feel would like to be involved so they will also receive these news letters and have the very latest updates by clicking here to register

Be ahead of the game …

Learn to use the Choraline App – please click here

Ensure you have the correct Vocal Score – please click here 

 Start to rehearse the Messiah right now – please click here 

 Thank you and please stay at home to stay safe and keep singing every day – you may wish to try ChoraLine’s graded vocal exercises recording which has been specially made to warm up your vocal chords and keep you voice in excellent working order – please click here to hear a sample – also available on the App

Free Handel Messiah Rehearsal Scores for Alto & Soprano Singers to view and print right away 

These are perfect to use in conjunction with ChoraLine Rehearsal Recordings

  • Very easy to follow as they only show the words and notes for Alto or Soprano Parts
  •  Show the Track Numbers which are exactly the same as in the ChoraLine recordings
  •  Show the Bar Numbers and Rehearsal Letters which are caled out by the Narrator in the ChoraLine recordings
  •  Show in ‘red’ above the notes the cues called out by the Narrator in the ChoraLine recordings


Date: March 25th, 2020