What people say about us


What a wonderfully vibrant performance of the Petite Messe Solennelle last night! Very well done everyone. It was such a wonderful work to sing and the choir showed tremendous variation in their singing. I wasn’t surprised at spontaneous applause in the wrong places!!


WOW !!! The Pater Noster was beautifully sung in perfect pitch (to my ears) with high emotional content. All dynamics wonderfully observed. Stephen and Robert were majestic and tireless all evening. It was noticeable that all eyes were on Keith throughout, which, I’m sure, made it so much easier for him to lead with such emotion, precision and energy. Choir – you were absolutely superb – what a privilege to be in the audience (although I would have preferred to be in the back row on stage). It baffles me why more people don’t want to listen to music like that and to hear a choir such as OUR choir.


I am writing this note to congratulate all of you for a truly wonderful concert last night. It was just such a pleasure to sit back and listen – truly outstanding. Undoubtedly, it seemed as if the Soloists, Accompanists and Choir had been responsible for greatly enhancing each other’s performance. This was the more remarkable, since the music involved a huge amount of input and work to achieve such a high standard – most impressive. I sense that this remarkable success has given everyone involved such a lift. To conclude, ALL of you can be unquestionably proud of what you achieved and produced last night. With sincere thanks to all of you for your dedication and hard work.


Wow Keith that was a great concert,you must be exhausted!


Firstly many thanks for everyone who helped make our concert last week such a resounding success. I think that Keith did a fantastic job of inspiring us and it was contagious – everyone rose to the occasion. The soloists thought that we are a superb choir – more quotes to follow when they are all in.

Concert : SPIRIT OF LIVERPOOL, The Philharmonic Hall, June 2018

Joy and I both thoroughly enjoyed the concert on Saturday. The whole evening went off like clockwork, apart from minor lapses from Mike Storey. The Mexican piece he had problems would be a bit of a tongue twister for anyone.

The whole evening’s performance just flowed throughout the evening. I thought the Chinese Orchestra were fantastic particularly the two young men on drums and whatever the stringed instrument is called.

Congratulations to you and all of the Welsh Choral Team for a memorable performance.

The event was breathtaking – truly amazing – Gail and I total loved it  – you must be so proud of what you achieved – it was really special.
The choir are world class and with the acoustics – it was simply  spine-tingling.
Really thank you so much for everything it was wonderful.
Please lets us know if there’s anything we can do in the future to support you.
Thank you for helping to arrange such a wonderful show on Saturday. At 23 I was in doubt if I would enjoy it as I have never been to an event like this before, choir and orchestra. I have to say, me and my partner absolutely loved it. The choir was very impressive, especially singing in Chinese! WOW. The Chinese orchestra was out of this world, at such a young age to be playing at that high standard, I can honestly say I felt so proud to be a part of that as it felt like something so special.

It was a fabulous evening and I hope you are basking in the glory of such a successful event! It is so difficult to get such an event off the ground, and you did an amazing job, congratulations and thank you so much for a wonderful evening.

Our clients thoroughly enjoyed it I can assure you.